Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Break The Bridge!

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday. My morning was rather hectic, and I slacked off a bit after school, but I'm back now. 

Yesterday's item was sold in the Summer Carnival den shop. I believe it was a sort of pet roller coaster. 

Sorry nonmembers, you can't buy this item! :(

But I won't say the same for today's item...

This cutesy hat is sold in the Summer Carnival clothing shop, as you can see from the blocked out ticket symbols which I clumsily missed when taking the picture. Luckily, AJHQ made this one for everyone! :)
I wouldn't say that this is my cup of tea, but it's something good to have in your inventory when you're in one of those fun fashion show things.

In other news for today, AJHQ published another short explanatory article on the D.E.

To me this implies that the bridges may or may not be breakable, which means that it's possible, or that AJHQ just wants to let a hint out about a future update. The last one is pretty likely.

Will you try to break the bridge?


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