Friday, May 3, 2013

Clothing Ideas: Nonmember Koala

Hello jammers! I got positive responses rather quickly from my last Clothing Ideas post, and it was clear that this is a type of post that most of you enjoy. Thanks everyone for your feedback! :)

   I agree with this comment entirely. Most items look awkward or exaggerated on koalas and sometimes it makes them hard to dress. I don't have a koala on my main account sadly, but I do have one on one of my others. The downside, however, is that the account has been dormant for a while and it doesn't have very much in it. 

I'll try to do the best I can though. :)

You can use any of these outfits, or add onto them to make them your own. :)

You can try using the darker colors on the sides of the color palette that you would usually ignore. You can combine them with lighter colors for a nice effect! 

   I'm sorry if this wasn't helpful. I usually try to make my nonmember animals simplistic (item-wise) and I spend more time on the color scheme than the actual items. For me the main idea is that if you make the animal's colors appealing to you, then you don't have to put lots of items on. 
   I know and see many jammers who coat their entire animal in items to either show them off, or as they say it, make them seem cool. That's perfectly okay if you're into that, but you don't have to follow the unwritten rules that others have set for how you design your animal. In short, people will still like you even if you only put a couple items on your animal. 

I hope that was helpful, thanks for reading! And as always, see you in Jamaa!


  1. Thanx I will use those tips next time I redecorate my koala.XD

  2. They are really hard to dress this article really helped me


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