Monday, May 27, 2013

Rare Angel Wings + Beta Days

Hey jammers! Today is monday, and you know what that means? It's time for school again. Well, for most of y'all. I don't mean to rub it in, but I have a day off today! :) 
Monday on Animal Jam also means that there is a rare item hidden in one of the shops for you to find and collect.

This time around, it's sold in Jam Mart Clothing...

This is a cool item if dark purple is your thing. I know a lot of people who for them dark purple is their thing, so chances are it's probably your thing as well. Apologies if dark purple isn't your thing. 

I said "thing" in the same context four times. Haha. 
I'm so easily amused.

Next, there is a new (and cool) article on the Daily Explorer!

You can click the above image to enlarge it. 
This is short, but really explains beta testing with rather helpful detail. 

I think it's fun watching Jamaa grow through the many months I've been here. Despite that most of my friends who used to play it have moved on to other games, I've found new ones on AJ that have lasted to this day. 
Although Animal Jam was fun when it was just a simple game of friends and nature, that was the past. Remember there are always ways to have that much fun in the present. :)

What's your opinion?

Please take some time to comment, if you can. You– yes, you!– are who keeps this blog running. :) 

That's all for now. Happy exploring!



  1. i have been updating my blog today and on my other blogs page I had to take a few blogs off as more and more jammers are growing out of AJ. Animal Jam is still fun. But there are less schools and resteraunts and parties etc. that before and those where some of the best bits for me.

  2. It's not totally fun watching Jamaa grow, all of us left over from the Beta Days really miss the old Animal Jam. I really want Crystal Sands to go back the way it was without the water slides. -113457, a fan of Gringersnap.


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