Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Strange Hints on the Daily Explorer

Hey jammers! Today I'll only give a brief summary of the new item as I have other things to tell you. 

  The new item is sold in the Jam Session. It's a saxophone, and sadly only for members of the club. Wouldn't it be cool if you could use the instrument accessories to make music outside of the Jam Session? It may get a bit annoying, but it's an idea right? :)

And now onto the main part of this post. On my friend's blog, she shared something that I found really interesting. I wanted to show it to you all too. 

Click the image above to make it legible.
Take a look at the words underlined in red. "If the reports are true that Greely has recently returned to Jamaa with urgent news, it can only mean that the Phantoms are on the move." 
How could I have missed this before? I swear that they didn't edit it. Look at some of the pictures of this article when it first came out. You'll notice the bottom is still there. Also, look at some of the other shaman posts for similar hints. 

   I am fairly certain there will be a phantom war. Maybe not even a war, just a conflict to some degree. But there IS a major possibility that there will be a very large phantom war. Why do I think so? They have been working on this for about an entire year. The first "soon there will be an adventure" happened in August. Last summer. No word of adventure followed until APRIL of the next year. It was after August that they started throwing AJ ads on EVERY website. I swear, I'd visit any website with ads on a computer that's never been on AJ, but on almost all of the sites there is an AJ ad. You could easily tell that the reason for the ads is money. They needed a lot of money and time to work on it. The war is coming soon, and for one I'm anxious and excited. This war is probably the only thing that will get my best IRL friend to go on AJ. Animal Jam is so boring without her. But aside from that, the phantom war seems so close that it's no longer even a rumor. Animal Jam was releasing more merchandise than it has before, ads were on every single website, the Tooltip glitch with the tail armor can NOT be just a mistake, and there are so many hints that it's almost definite that there will be a phantom war. 

This is going to be big, that's all I can say.


  1. The messages, tunnel town and now to forget. There are weird unopened doors all through Jamaa for example a trap door in the mystery place, a blocked of door in another...

    Also I think ajhq has jammnasian history planned out. Before monuth shiveer and appondale where here on the old maps they had details. For example appondales mud pool was there, mt shiveers hot water pool was there. And the sea was there...

    1. Most online games usually have major updates all figured out long before they are released to the public. AJHQ probably made both Shiveer and Appondale at the beginning, but balanced out the updates instead of adding everything in a single day.
      Either that, or they made the Shiveer and Appondale landscapes just as a touch to the maps but later decided to make them into lands.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I tottaly agree! I have been getting facts up for a while and thsi is a,ll it says! I know I am right because in 2012 I new there would be a new animal which would be like foxes and look what has happened. Same for the land even earlyier than late 2012 I figured it out everyone reported me and called me a lier but look AJHQ themselves even say so!!!!! If we put the two un published ones together maybe the new land will be a rainforest, the same type of lands the facts get together, where u have 2 hide and fight! But then again u cant fight phantoms since thhey are just mira's teardrops shadows which turned evil!

  3. Also the clearence items page I cant enter when u hover over it does not turn black like the others.

  4. I agree there will be a big war... and I am ready for it!

  5. ☼pielover4ever☼May 14, 2013 at 7:24 PM

    I think if there is a phantom war, it will be pretty exciting! :)

  6. When did you and me learn about the tooltip Doomy? We know it is no glitch now, but if there is a war, or "war" int the word we should use....Maybe a battle? I think it would be exiting!

  7. Heehee, now you have me all excited! :D
    If there really is going to be a phantom war, when do you think it will be? This August maybe? Hmm...


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