Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trading Tips

   In Jamaa, close to everyone trades their items daily, or whenever they log on. Though while it may be popular, it's still a little difficult sometimes. This post is a bunch of trading guidelines and tips for you to remember whenever you see something on someone's list you want. 

  • First off, consider if the person is member or nonmember. This is because if you're offering a trade such as, an orange fox hat for a blue one, or a regular item for a colored copy, the item you want will have different value to the person with it. While technically speaking, an orange fox hat for a blue one is an 100% fair trade, there is a large chance if the person is a nonmember, it will be cancelled. Why? Because since they can't get colored fox hats, but can get the regular ones, they see the colored ones as rarer. So if you come into that situation, don't get angry and get out your caps lock.

  • If the trade is fair, that does not necessarily mean it will be accepted. Like the above guideline, different items have different value to different jammers. If you had say, five Cami's Frogs', you wouldn't accept a trade offering a Cami's Frog for your one and only Mira Statue. (That all in all wouldn't be a really fair trade, but you get the picture.)

  • Don't send the same trade twice to the same person if it's cancelled. People don't cancel trades just because they're not in a good mood. It's because they just don't want the item you're offering. If you send the trade twice, they won't just say "Oh, I'm in a better mood. Let's click accept." This however, shouldn't stop you from sending a trade for their item for different items of yours.

  • Lastly, just because they decline a trade, that doesn't make them mean/a scammer. Sometimes in Jamaa Township, people would walk up to me asking for my cat hat. When I told them it's not for trade, they started typing weepy emoticons and said things like "*collapses and cries sadly and prettily on ground* waaaahhh wahhhhh*" or even went around telling people that I'm a scammer. Oh, that reminds me of a bad trading experience I had! After the first month of my new membership (before I started this blog), I had gotten some cool items in trades, like some tail armor. Well, I was just sitting around at a Heat Wave party, when a nonmember came up and asked me to send them my tail armor. I told them that it was my only tail armor and that I really liked it, also that since they weren't member, they couldn't wear it or accept it in a Jam a Gram. They replied to me in caps lock, "WELL TRADE IT TO ME" and I refused. They told me "brb, writing bad things about you on my blog." and left their computer. I didn't give in and send them the tail, because I for one didn't care about my identity on AJ at that time. I was ticked off immensely, though. They got back and typed; "your doomed, panda." and left. I still remember their username: Djjamisland.

Thanks for listening. Happy trading! :)

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  1. I love your trading tips!! Thanks!


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