Friday, May 24, 2013

Update May 23

Hey jammers! I'm back for the weekend, and maybe even the entirety of next week, depending on my schedule. There has been a new update this week, bursting to the brim with new things!

This definitely sounds like fun. Here's a preview of what it looks like:

Next up, there are some new polls around Jamaa! Calls of the Wild are back! :)

I think they reintroduced this even with the (?) buttons to get feedback, but in clearer statistics instead of a mess of different opinions and ideas. It doesn't get as specific as the buttons, but at least they didn't entirely replace them with polls. It's still a cool new feature, though. :)

And since May 23rd has already past, elephants, rhinos, and giraffes have "migrated" for the summer. 

Oh well. At least the koalas are bound to be back soon. Speaking of which, no word has been sent out of the koalas on their little discovery. 

Also, there's a new "Name the Sidekix" contest! You can look for details on the Daily Explorer, but here is a picture to give you an idea of it.

If it were up to me, I'd call the wolf Zev. It's an actual name meaning "wolf." It doesn't fit much with the theme, but it's an idea, am I right? Who thinks Zev is a good name? Anyone?

There is also a brand new contest! 

Draw a summer-themed Jam a Gram and there's a chance that you'll be able to send it to your friends this Jamaa summer! I know what I'm going to do this weekend instead of studying.

And now for the section of the update which I'm not exactly neutral about. Club Geoz is being renovated. 

   The reason I'm not particularly happy about this is because, chances are, AJHQ will turn it into some new and bright rave thing. They probably saw that rarely anyone goes there and hypothesized that it's because of the dark colors and the somewhat dreariness that may not appeal to 8 to 12 year old eyes. 
   I like the sort of retro-vibe that Geoz has now. I came and stayed on Animal Jam for the first time because I liked that it wasn't as flashy as other digital games I tried before. AJHQ should remember that before all of the bright human-inspired items, and all of the loud parties, Animal Jam was just a fun and nature-based game about animals. 
  Despite all of this, I can't be sure if they will change Geoz to the type of room I'm imagining. They may just change the positioning of the stuff in it, just like after beta testing. Who knows?

That's all for now. See you in Jamaa! :)

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