Monday, June 10, 2013

AJHQ Leaving Us In Suspense...

Hello jammers! I apologize for skipping posting too much, but there will be more delays in the near future. As I said earlier, I'm getting a lot of projects and things at this point in the year. Also, some days I completely lose interest. I'm sorry, and I will try to post as frequently as I can.

The R.I.M. of today is the first of it's kind: a rare HD television!

   There will be a lot of change happening this month. So far, now we have furniture Rare Item Mondays, and soon to come will be the quests we've been waiting for since last August. Wow, that was just around ten months ago. As I keep restating, with the amount of wait, there will be some major changes happening.

In relating news, AJHQ has left another suspenseful message on the June Adventures on the Daily Explorer...

I knew it was about the phantoms. They're always shown as "Jamaa's worst enemy," of course. I personally think it would be more of an exciting twist for the phantoms to be revealed as good, or maybe even the phantoms merging together and out of the darkness comes the reincarnated Mira! Phantoms were born from Mira's tears, after all.

   Usually, at the end of digital game "battles" or at the completion of video games, there is a message for the gamer to take away. Instead of leaving a predictable message for the kids, like "Keep trying," or any of that jazz, they should show them to find the good in the evil, and the evil in the good. That's my favorite quote of all time. Excuse me while I center the text and put it in big letters...

"Find the good in the evil,
and the evil in the good."

   Hayao Miyazaki said that once, I think. I believe it's one of the most inspirational and true quotes out there, and I believe you should hear it and think about it, too. It would be awesome if Animal Jam H.Q. incorporated that into this phantom battle that's kept us all in uneasy suspense for ten months. I know that it probably won't be that way, and I respect them if they didn't include it, but it would be nice for this idea to get heard a little more.

Well, that's it for now. Expect an update to the clearance item page, and see you in Jamaa! :)



  1. It"s not the first of its kind. The first was sold in beta :p

    1. With Rare Item Mondays, all of the items have been rare clothing until this one. That's what I mean by "first of it's kind."


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