Saturday, June 29, 2013

AJHQ's Reply

Hello jammers! Today I can't seem to find the new item, but AJHQ has responded to my email!

Here is their reply:

AJHQ, Jun 28 22:14 (MDT)

Hello Jammer,

Thanks for contacting us with that great idea! We truly value our Jammers’ ideas and
your feedback helps shape the future of Jamaa. Did you know there's a way for you to
send us your ideas and requests without leaving Animal Jam? To learn how, click the
link to our help section below:

By sending your feedback in-game, it ensures that your idea goes straight to our

Thanks to your enthusiasm for the wonderful world of Animal Jam, Jamaa continues to
grow and improve. So keep playing wild, Jammer!

Thanks again,

Animal Jam HQ

Get them while they last! HUMMINGBIRD pet packs will be leaving Animal Jam
Outfitters on 7/10/2013. This is THE only way to get the pet hummingbird.

They probably sent a prewritten reply, as lots and lots of kids send emails to 
them daily. Regardless, I'm glad that they read through it! :)
Also, according to the text below their message, hummingbirds probably won't be added to the 
diamond shop.  

In other news, according to Animal Jam user grandmapolly, AJ advertisements for adventures are now 
being shown on television. 
You can watch the animated ad by clicking here.
Let me know through comments if you find the new item!



  1. What do you mean by "new item"? And what did your letter to AJHQ say? -113457

  2. The video for the ad is PRIVATE! Please.. i need to find this ad. Pleas help!

    1. Sorry, I don't know where it went. Good luck in finding it, though. D:


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