Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Animal Jam Stream's First Year

Today is June eighteenth. A year ago today, I had finally decided to stop waiting and made this blog. I excitedly typed up the first post and hit the publish button, unknowing of what was to come.

Well, it's been one whole year and I haven't left yet.

It's been one whole year and I have still posted somewhat regularly.

It's been one whole year and I still have some interest in Animal Jam.

I honestly didn't think I'd stay for one year. I thought I would only stay on for ten or eight months total, or quit when I restarted school in september, but I haven't. That's been both good for me and a hindrance.

Writing on this blog every day helped me make my writing better. I got better grades, and it increased my creativity with words. I don't mean to rub it in your face, but my language grades have gotten much higher than from where I started on June 18, 2012. 

Running this blog has also helped me make friends with the viewers. I was never ever popular at all in real life, and checking my dashboard to see new comments and a steady flow of page views made me feel good that people were actually reading the stuff I wrote. I added people to my buddy list who have been AJ friends with me to today. Those including Dramione1234, Gringersnap, and Feiryclaw77. 

But there of course have been some negative things that were caused by running AJ Stream. The worst thing is that it's gotten me addicted to the computer. I can't be off of the computer for a second, even when I'm not on Animal Jam. I don't even enjoy it much, it's just routine. 
Before this blog was started up, I was five times as addicted to AJ as I am now, I could still talk with my friends, I still could still write and draw IRL and be happy with it. But 95% of my free time was used up playing Animal Jam, and I enjoyed that "wasted" time because I really, really loved playing the game. 
It was fun for a while, but I stopped liking it as much as I did after a while. 

By then, I didn't know what to do. Blogging and going on AJ seemed like a boring routine. More importantly, I couldn't find anything else that was as fun to do as the game. I didn't have many friends (Only two in total) in real life, and no hobbies that could counteract my boredom as AJ did. I couldn't find any games that were as fun either.

I have grown to accept that. It's either the game changing, or me changing in tastes. Probably both.

But now, things are getting better for me. I'm finding new things I like, as well as getting interested back into Jamaa and my blog again. I'm getting some more real life friends, getting over depression, and writing a whole lot more. 

Overall, running Animal Jam Stream has been fun for me. I've met a lot of kids, made a lot of friends, and without it, I probably would have stopped playing animal jam already. It's embarrassing for me to tell anyone about AJ or my blog, it's something I keep to myself. Thats okay though.

I want to thank a few jammers for being there with me. On AJ or on Animal Jam Stream.

I want to thank ElephantWolf for giving me constant support, being the first ever to comment, and for just being one of the best online friends ever.

I want to thank TheHowler for being my friend. Even though the time you were with me seemed to go by too quickly, and even though you left without saying goodbye, I'll remember you even after I leave Animal Jam.

I want to thank candylady1436 for being my first best friend on Animal Jam. If you're reading this, hi.

I want to thank each and every one of my followers as well. And to my non-following fans (can I say fans?) thank you all so much for supporting me by commenting, voting on polls, sending me Jam-a-Grams, and for just looking at my blog. 

This year has been good, and I hope we have an even better next year.

Thank you everyone for supporting me up to today!


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Thanks for reading! C(o.o)D

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