Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Item of the Day: Freedom Panda Hat!

Hello jammers! With Freedom Day coming up, (and the forth of July) AJHQ is starting to release some new patriotic items to go along with the future digital festivities.

They've already released a freedom bunny hat, a freedom cat hat, and newest in the collection: a freedom panda hat!

The ears are a bit big and it does't really look like a panda, so this might as well be a freedom koala hat. I still like it though. What do you think about the early release of these freedom things?

On an unrelated note, I won't be posting every single day this summer as promised. I want to take time for sleeping, doing things off of AJ, and some freestyle game playing as well. I'm sorry if this inconveniences you in any way.

Next, I think I'm going to send an email to AJHQ to tell them about my idea mentioned in an earlier post on AJ Stream. I think it would benefit everyone if rereleased "rare" items like tea cups and masks replaced R.I.M.'s. That way, they would stay rare, but jammers could still have a chance at getting them.
Any objections?

That's all for now. Have a great day/vacation!


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