Thursday, June 13, 2013

Item of the Day: Tea Cup!

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting for this long. To be completely truthful, the reason I haven't posted is because I've become depressed and have lost much of the interest that I used to have. That and school things. 

The new item of the day is a rereleased favorite originating from just after beta testing!

   Just as cheap as when it was released in the Coral Corner shop, the tea cup is back and this time in Jam Mart Furniture. 
   A lot of previously rare items have been coming out a whole lot recently. Starting with pirate swords, to top hats, to clouds and other member gifts coming out in the diamond shop. It's predictable that more– possibly all –are to be released this year. The only items that are sure not to come out any time soon are purple worns and other Leap Year party things; scheduled to come out in at least three years. 
That's right, at this rate, "beta" Worn Blankets are sure to come out this year and purple worns will at some point become rarer.
I'm guessing it's a little troubling for AJ kids who like to have all of the cool rare items that they're all coming out. It's causing some quitting lately; I walked into Jamaa Township and just there I saw around five or so talking about quitting because of the sudden availability of their favorite rare items.

Now, there are a lot of people on AJ who say that 'Rares Don't Matter.'
That's right. In no way, shape, or form do they matter.
Not on a universal scale or regular scale.
But of course,
they're incredibly fun to collect and show off.
In fact, they're one of the main fun aspects of Animal Jam, because they involve a challenge

All games are nothing without some type of challenge. That's why those computer math games that involve just typing the answer to an addition problem in to win are not the kind of things you usually do in your free time. They're "for babies." They're "dumb." 
They have barely any difficulty, and you don't have any sense of pride in winning.
By reading this blog, I'm assuming you play Animal Jam. 
On AJ, what you do is play mini games, meet some friends, and collect items. There's a challenge to each of those. With mini games, there is a goal established, such as knocking down the structures in Fruit Slinger and blowing up the phantoms. There is a challenger trying to stop you from achieving that; the other player trying to blow up the phantoms before you, or in single player the difficulty of a straight aim.
With meeting friends, there is also a challenge. The challenge is one I and many others face very often: meeting someone who shares some interests, someone who accepts you, and someone you can talk to. There is some time and small risks taken with that.
The third challenge is of course, collecting rare items. It isn't necessary, but then again, is Animal Jam necessary? 
The challenge with collecting rare items is that they weren't very accessible; they were something in the clouds that you just couldn't reach by just lifting up your arms. You had to trade up, and build your ladder up slowly until you could finally grasp what you wanted. Then, you had it, and there was a sense of pride. 
With the new "system" of releasing items as old as early beta testing, and making them ridiculously easy to get, there isn't any sort of accomplishment in taking one second to buy and wear an item that you used to only wish to get. Animal Jam is getting easier and easier, and lots of the kids who play the game are happy with that. 
Even though I don't think you people care much about my opinion, I think Animal Jam shouldn't get this easy. Restating the beginning, games without a challenge are boring and dull. It isn't just with games though, it's with non-digital life as well.

What if all challenges that you face today were just... gone?

What if you just pushed one button and you would never have to eat again?

What if you could make the entire population of Earth like you without any effort?

It would be good for a while, of course, but it would be short-lived. You'd without a chance become bored at the predictability and ease of it all. 

The moral of the story is that without the challenge of items being rare and out of grasp, it eliminates a challenge that makes Animal Jam fun.
Oh wow, congrats again, DoomyPanda, for over stressing some simple kids game related problem on your blog instead of studying. Claps for you. *slow clap*

Why do you play Animal Jam? :)


  1. Doomy, you're totally right. Why do I play Animal Jam? Because it's fun. I mean, it WAS fun. I used to play it for my friends, and for games, for challenges, it was all so fun, and it was making me happy in some way (weird I know), but now, as the time goes it's getting more ridiculous day by day. It's not so fun as it used to be... I'm sad, I really loved this game, and now I'm thinking about quitting. I don't have much things to do there anymore. I don't think we need the trading system anymore, since all rares are coming back now. We have nothing to trade for... It's so boring, I log on daily just to check if something's new, or when my buddies are on. I think I'll quit soon. :'( I didn't wanted this. But oh well, all the good things have to end.

  2. THIS IS AN AWESOME (yet somewhat pointless) MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH! I love it. I've read all of you Berry the Koala stories, and they are EPIC. Please make more speeches (about something more practical, not to put you down or anything) and more berry stories! You're totally right about the challenge thing, I can't believe you figured it out. What's up with the magical bears?-113457

    1. I like bears. C(o.o)D I made a bear emoticon.


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