Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Kangaroo?

Hey jammers! There has been rumor abuzz of yet another gift card animal. 
"Ugh, another?" 
Yes, a whole new member-only animal craze is about to start. Better lock the doors and cower, for the kangaroo fanatics are about to go insane.

Move aside lions, arctic wolves, and leopards to make way for the new kangaroo!

(Screenshot credit to snowyclaw.)

Just like the leopards and arctic wolves, some of the gift cards were released a bit too early and some kids grabbed them right as they were put on the shelves. They slipped into Jamaa, and of course some people who knew how to take screenshots were surprised at the new animal that had gotten there before AJHQ announced it.
It's unknown so far what location on the globe this animal is available in. I'm guessing Australia, if anything, because of course the kangaroo is the national animal.
If you do live in a region where this is sold, I advise you that unless you're a nonmember and really love kangaroos, you shouldn't buy the gift card yet. The reason for this is because with the introduction of the diamond shop, after a month or so of the kangaroo's popularization they will be for sale in the animal section. The purchase of the membership would be pointless if you're already a member. I suggest you should wait a little on buying this.

Now, some notices for today...

  1. There will not be a buddy of the month for June. At least, not anytime soon this month. I don't have much time to choose one.
  2. Second, I've counted up the votes on my poll. There will certainly be some sort of a party this summer, perhaps in July.
  3. Third, I'm working on updating the pages. I'm adding this update's clearance items, and hopefully write some new codes up on the Code Page.

That's all for now. See you in Jamaa! :)



  1. Aww, it's cute! I'll definitely buy one as soon as it comes out at the Diamond Shop. (If I can ever save up enough diamonds for it...)
    By the way, are you ever going to renew your membership?

    1. I don't think I will. I want to save up my money to buy something non-digital. :)

  2. every blog has the same person XD

  3. Enter Kangaroo in the code box, 500 gems for you.


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