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Hey jammers! I apologize for not posting for a few days as I was on vacation. I got out of school just last friday! I'm back now, but since it's now the summer, posts won't be published as early. That's because I want to use these months to sleep later.

Anyway, the Rare Item Monday of this week is sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

It's not something I would buy, but at least it's something new, right?

I was going to close this post now, but I thought I'd add this.

There were different time periods of animal jam which brought it to the way it is now. There was beta testing, a long period afterwards, and then the period we are in now. 

In beta testing, from what I've heard, the kids playing then weren't satisfied with all of the nature-based items, and wanted more "human" things.

In the long period afterward, the kids' wishes were granted, and modernized items, rooms, and things outnumbered the original natural things of the beta period. Shamans disappeared from AJHQ's focus, but were still one of the main things with the kids at the time. They demanded that AJ bring the shamans back, and many didn't like the slight modernization of AJ. 

In what I like to call the 'Adventure Period,' or the current period, the many emails from kids begging AJ to be fairer to nonmembers and shamans' return were answered, opening the doors to a yet another new time. Items in the beta period that were thought to be rare for years were brought back in mere days, and nonmembers were given more abilities.

I'm glad Animal Jam is shaped partly by the kids who play it, and not entirely based on the wishes of the people who made it. It's not easy though, when you have to meet the expectations and spend a lot of money changing the game in many new ways just to keep the kids happy. 

With these changes, there are always new flaws and complaints. In the current Adventure Period, people are now complaining about rare items constantly being stripped of their status. This makes trading frustrating; something that was originally a fairly easy, very fun thing to do becomes dull and pointless. 

I have figured out a little about solving this problem. I know I'm always talking about trading becoming dull, and I know you wish I could talk about something new, and I will. But I've found a partial answer that could fix it, which could make the people who are concerned about the items happier.
With the other times in Jamaa, there was always a request for "more ___ items." After that wish was granted, people complained about it and wanted less/more rare/unrare items released. However, if there's a type of balance involved, everyone can be happy. Not everyone of course, just the general amount of kids who play AJ. 
What do I mean by balance? I mean that if once in a while, as in around every three or four weeks, a rereleased item goes into stores until two updates later, when it goes off of clearance and out of stores. They could also replace Rare Item Monday regular items with "actually rare" items, so they would still be almost as rare. Either of those would be fine, and both the jammers who want more rare items and the jammers who don't can be happy.
How do we get this to happen? Instead of saying "more rare/unrare items" in emails and suggestions, we could say something more specific, like "occasionally rerelease items, and only for a short time to keep them sort of rare." or just "replace the regular colored items in Rare Item Monday with rereleased items to keep them rare but give others a chance."

I'm sorry for that long rant. I was bored and needed to write something.
Comment below if you agree/disagree or if you have ideas! :)


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