Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daily Item: Smaller Monkey Plushie

Hey jammers! I'm sorry for the late post courtesy of my awful dilatory. I really should have tried harder to get up and type this. I mean, really, it is not that hard to stop lying around and walk to my desk. I already knew what the item was and...

I'll end this rant before it gets too mind-numbing.

I might as well tell you what "DILATORY" means, too...

And while we're in the subject of English, here are some other words...

The More You Know.

I really should stop lollygagging and actually show you the new item. This is an Animal Jam blog, after all.

Signified with 3/4 of a ticket symbol, this is sold in the plush prize shelf at the summer carnival. Cute, isn't it? But it's like they compressed the larger monkey to some small, pear shaped thing. Or put it in one of those weird bags that suck the air completely out. But to do that, the plush would probably have to have it's mass made up of mostly air. And the larger one doesn't really look like it's mostly inflated.
Still cute, though.

Anyway, here are some notices that you're probably all dying to hear...

  • A new Berry The Koala entry will be posted very soon.
  • I'm starting Buddies of the Month back up this Augus–wait august is tomorrow. NO. NO. IDONTWANTTOGOBACKTOSCHOOLNO. Sorry.
  • I put up that new pointless poll to the left because I made a new AJ account that I'm going on more than DoomyPanda. If you say you're fine with me changing the blogger name, on that new AJ account I guarantee that I will accept all buddy requests until my list is full.




  1. Doomy, could you take a couple seconds to reply to the Jam-a-Gram I sent you, though it would not suprise me if you fail to remember who I am (CRUNCHY BERRYFRIEND!)

    Thanks, and have a TREMENDOUS THURSDAY!

    ~Crunchy Berryfriend

    1. I'm actually a nonmember now, so I'm unable to correctly respond through Jam a Gram! But I hope you're reading this now, because through the comments I am about to answer your question!

      Question 1: Of course I remember who you are! I don't have that short of a memory. :)
      Question 2: I will email you my new username. I don't really want to give it out yet on the blog.

      And you have a tremendous thursday/fantastical friday as well! :)


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