Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Jamaa Art Gallery

Every update, drawings digital and traditional are sent in by jammers to the AJ art gallery in hopes of them being displayed in Jammer Central. Very few get in, of course, there being close to thirty slots and over ten million jammers playing. 
I like looking at the art gallery, and have noticed many patterns in what gets in through the time that I've been playing. 

When I began AJ in February, 2012, there was a combination of detailed sketches, digital drawings that weren't half bad, and the occasional why-is-this-here drawing. (i.e. self portraits, fairy princesses, anything with barely anything to do with AJ.) Lots of Warrior Cat drawings, and starry-eyed, hair-covering-one-eye cats and dogs. There was also some art plagiarism.

Now, currently, take a look at the gallery. Probably 90-96% of it is digital, mostly drawn in the Art Studio. An example here: 


Nothing complicated. Simple shapes, quickly drawn. Usually about the alphas or whatever relative to them.

Where are the more detailed drawings?

I think they're accepting only these Art Studio types of drawings because they think that only those are drawn by kids. They could be not displaying more detailed drawings to not make jammers feel like they can't draw. 

Why are these drawings usually only about alphas/animal jam rocks/member animals/etc. ?

To advertise in a way. Maybe their idea was that a nonmember would see those "adventures rule!" drawings and that would make them want to buy a membership so they could do the member-only quests. Or see a drawing of a leopard and buy a leopard. 

How do I get into the Art Gallery?

There is no definite thing that you should draw to get into the gallery. If you really want to get in, I suggest...

  • you take a look at the current gallery to notice patterns. 
  • You draw something in relation to the main feature in the most recent update. Since Tunnel Town came out recently, you can try to draw a tunnel town bunny.
  • Submit your drawing on the second to last/last day before the new update. I'm not sure, but when I got my Summer Jam-a-Gram entry in, I made it on the 2nd to last day before it ended. Same with my News Crew article for protecting the environment. This is optional.
  • Use the Art Studio. I submitted around 20 pictures I made with an app on my iPad and none of them got in. Again, this is just a hypothesis of mine that you should do this. It's optional.
  • Even if you desperately want to get into the art gallery, still draw the things you WANT to, not the things that you think you SHOULD draw. If an original drawing of yours gets in, it will be better than if your "animal jam rocks" drawing that you did just to get in, gets in.
Thanks for reading, Jam on! :)


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  1. (omg i thought that was like a person who binoculars emoji until the p.s.) Thanks for the info! i was wondering how i could get my art in the gallery.


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