Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Kimbara Outback

Hey jammers! Another two weeks have passed, making way for the update. However, this is no ordinary, four-paged-Jamaa Journal update. It is at least one of the largest updates of 2013 that's filling up all of the servers! Why? Because after over a year, there is finally a new land!

Koalas have returned, and there's finally a new Journey Book page! The conservation museum (previously the Animal Museum) has taken the cat statues off of the stands and replaced them with kangaroo. I hope they didn't replace the big cat gem donation thingy. Well, go check it out! :)

Let's see where Kimbara is on the ma–

Okay, so it wasn't where I predicted, which is a slight disappointment, but look at the map! 
I have to say that I like this new design. It's a reminiscent of the Beta Testing period's art. Of course it will take time to get used to the slightly off placement of the lands.

But I predicted it would be an outback, and I was right. YAY. *streamers*

Sadly, I've tried close to all of the servers and can't seem to get into the Kimbara Outback, so I can't get pictures. You can go check it out for yourself when the servers clear a bit.

No new adventures yet, but you can play a difficult version of Phantoms' Return now! :)

That's it for now. See you at the Kimbara Outback! 

Oh, and don't forget to comment! :)


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  1. Dear Doomy,
    I don't like the new design. Why, because it's kinda hard to tell where everything is and look where kani cove is O_o. That did not work out. Also, look at crystal sands' and coral canyon's border. CANYONS PATHWAY IS OFF THE MAP! HUGE MISTAKE! Anyways, thanks for all the helpful posts and wonderful articles! See ya around ;).


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