Thursday, August 8, 2013

Buddy List Glitch Fix

There is a glitch with my (and others) buddy lists which deletes users on your buddy list without you clicking them. It's incredibly annoying and hasn't been fixed for months.

I've noticed that this happens usually when you get a buddy request by Jam A Gram when the other user is offline. If you log off and log back on, their name is erased.

My hypothesis is that the only way to avoid this is have both the request sender and the one the request is being sent to online at the same time. 

If this works, post a comment! :)



  1. Your new blogger name isn't that good in my opinion. What does Quintanna even mean?
    -animetacos (who is too lazy to sign in to blogger)

    1. Quintanna is a name meaning 'the fifth.'
      I chose it because (1), I liked it, (2), it is my fifth AJ account I've made, so it would fit, and (3), I get to choose whatever I want to be my Animal Jam user and Blogger user.


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