Saturday, August 3, 2013

Daily Item: Fox Plushie

Hi jammers! The new item of the day is a carnival prize, and judging from yesterday's, I think you know what it is already!

The smaller, more to-scale version of the pet fox plushie. You could probably fit two or three on a small corner shelf. Or one of these and an action figure.

Well, with the start of August, school is nearing, with it's sharp talons unsheathed, and it's daunting glare set upon us all, counting the seconds until we have to face ourselves against it in another furious battle lasting ten months...
I don't like school much, as you can tell.
Anyway, school is starting up for me soon. This summer really just flew by! Time flies when I'm bored. The trick is to not look at the clock unless you have to, and read a lot to get your mind off the days you've "wasted." I put "wasted" in quotations because "Time enjoyed being wasted is not wasted time." which was probably my motto for these three short months.
This is the second summer in which I've had this blog. I honestly didn't think I'd even stick around this long! My original idea was that school would cause me to lose interest and click the "delete blog" button without a second glance. 
At least that didn't happen! It's been fun writing for you, it really has. Sometimes it's a burden, but most of the time it's really fun to be heard and critiqued, and even get mindless hate comments! 
Anyway, as the usual case is whenever september's around the corner, I will not be posting as early. I will post, but maybe on some days if I have too much homework, I'll probably take a day off from posting.
I'm not stopping this blog though!
Not today!
Not yet!

Thanks for reading, see you in Jamaa!

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