Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Daily Item: Giant Spider Plushie!

Hey jammers! It took a while for me to find the new item, as I completely forgot to check the Summer Carnival!

Note to self, always check the carnival...

This is probably as big as the giant raccoon plushie or any of the other giants. 
This plushie's smaller relative is sure to be in stores tomorrow, so fellow nonmember spider-lovers will get to put one in their den! :)

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who likes spiders...


Now, in other news regarding the relatively new adventures...

The button on the party menu for them still says "BETA" on it. While there's always the large possibility that they just forgot to remove it, another circumstance could be that the adventures really are still in beta testing. That would mean that you haven't really seen the actual adventures, which could be even better!
I'm probably incorrect, but it's an idea!
What are your thoughts?

Also, from the results gathered from the pointless poll that used to be to the right of the blog, I will change my blogger name to my most frequently used account, which is: Quintanna
If you want to send Quintanna a buddy request, feel free to do so. I will usually accept unless that annoying Buddy List glitch removes you.

See you in Jamaa! :)


1 comment:

  1. The plushie is acctually not that big at all! It is tiny! I wonder what the smaller one will be, micro? Look at Mister Chunky Buddie's blog to see or go to mine animaljamfromnehindthescenes.blogspot.com


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