Friday, August 9, 2013

NM Den Theme Ideas

If you don't have many rare items or a membership, it gets a little bit hard to decorate your den in a way that you like.

Here are some easy den ideas that you can steal. :)

Pink/purple themed den space

 Star Rug: Jam Mart Furniture 350 gems
Bookcase: Jam Mart Furniture 250 gems
Rabbit Plushie: The Claw 5 gems
Snake Throne: Brady's Expeditions free
Snake pennant: Brady's Expeditions free
Total: 605 gems

Light blue themed den space

Tiny shelf: Jam Mart Furniture 250 gems
Tea Cups: Jam Mart Furniture 100 gems
Striped Couch: Jam Mart Furniture 200 gems
Recycling Bin: Jam Mart Furniture 300 gems
Croc Plushie: The Claw 5 gems
Earth Day Banner: can get only in trade
Paradise Rug: Paradise Party 350 gems
Total: 1,205 gems

Natural themed den space

Shoji screens: Dinner Party 300 gems
Bowl: Jam Mart Furniture 250 gems
Bamboo: Treetop Gardens 200 gems
Koala figure: Phantom Invasion 10 gems
Table: free
Tiny Shelf: Jam Mart Furniture 250 gems
Rhino Plushie: The Claw 5 gems
Large Cactus: Treetop Gardens 200 gems
Total:  1,215 gems

Do you have any ideas? Comment! :)



  1. These are really nice dens! Can't believe nobody commented on how great it was. ~Wheeeeee

    1. Wow they all look amazing but I think the naturally themed one is the best.

      BTW please buddy me I'm luna4400. And if u buddied me cause of this.... Send me a the party jam a gram with the clover sign saying let's be buddies
      Anyway cool den ideas!!! ��������


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