Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Item: Phantom Cage

Hi jammers! 

I almost completely missed the new item today: a phantom locked in a cage!

I searched all of the land shops in Jamaa and I was certain that the new item was sold underwater, where I couldn't get to it (My animals are a bunny and koala) But of course, it was at the Base Camp! This phantom is sold for 1,400 gems, and sadly, is only for members. Head over to the base camp to pick this up in the Adventuring Shop!

There is a sliiight delay with Berry The Koala, as you've probably noticed. Long story short, I ran into something and it's been postponed until next weekend. Sorry ^_^; 

Have a pawsome day in Jamaa!



  1. There are 2 items called a phantom cage in Animal Jam. :P


  2. Oh wait, never mind!! One item is called IMPRISONED PHANTOMS, and then there's the PHANTOM CAGE..
    Silly me!

    -Cat38876 (Yeah I know it took me a while to notice my mistake.)


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