Saturday, September 7, 2013

Item: Turquoise Ring!

Hi jammers! The first days of school were certainly dull. Pretty much everyone I thought was cool last year had left! *hisses* traitors...
Well, now that the weaklings have been weeded out, I'm sure the people that stayed aren't moving anytime soon.

Since this is an AJ blog and not my personal blog, I might as well stop ranting and get moving with the news...

The new item (of yesterday) is sold in the green orb of Epic Wonders.

item description: the final addition to the turquoise jewelry set: a silver/stone/grey ring with a large turquoise jewel on top.
cost: 1,000 gems
availability: everyone!
comments: It's nice that I can buy it because turquoise is my favorite color! :)

New on the Daily Explorer:

(click to enlarge.)

Finally, some notices for today:
  • Because I am usually busy, I will only be able to post on weekends and holidays when I have no school. :(
  • The reason why I posted yesterday's item instead is because I cannot find today's new item.

That's all for now, comment if you have any questions, and see you in Jamaa!


  1. Sailor Moon! Wow, I never knew your a fan of Sailor Moon! Lol!

    1. I'm kind of a fan of Sailor Moon. ^_^ I haven't watched it for years, actually, but I liked the plot and characters a whole lot! :)
      I saw someone in Jamaa Township say out-of-the-blue "no u r not sailor moon" and naturally, I screen shotted it and it's been sitting in my AJ folder for a few months. :) I use the "Overheard in Jamaa" to make use of a lot of the amusing AJ screenshots on my computer.

      Thanks for asking!

      –Quin :)

    2. Im now watching season 5, Stars. episode 13 (Galaxia-sama and Sailor Iron Mouse).


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