Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update Volume 99!

Hey jammers! I don't have any homework today, (yay!) and since there's a whole lot of change with the new update, I just had to post! :)

There are a whole load of new things for you to try out with your friends! A new party, a new video, some new art, a new shop, and even a new room! 

First, here is the FULL Jamaa Journal for all of the main news:

(Six pages long!)


(Yeah! Nonmember items! :D)



(I finally got a diamond!)

There is not going to be an AJ Birthday party for an hour or so, so sadly I don't have a screenshot! My guesses are that it will look a lot like it did last year; a big mountainous cake surrounded by piles of ice cream. You can find some photos of that in a post I made for AJ's 2nd birthday, if you just take a look through the archive. :)

Autumn has finally arrived in Jamaa, bringing with it the red, yellow, and orange leaves and chilly air that we've missed so much!

I'm still missing it, haha. There's been nothing but awful heat where I live and the only thing I can do is lie around and hope I don't melt. ^_^;

I will probably write a couple of separate posts on the AJ Birthday party, the new Medical Center later, and this weekend I'll write up a september Berry The Koala entry! :) 

Have a pawsome day!


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