Friday, November 22, 2013

Play-as-your-pet Party Tour

Hey animals! Recently (just yesterday) a new, tiny and exciting party has been added to the party list:

The Play-As-Your-Pet Party!

You start off near a mushroom waterfall. To the left of your pet is an area where there is a pet stop and pet wash. Sadly members only, but the shop to the right is full of tiny pet-sized items for everyone!

(only 16 gems? o.o)

A default pink (not the default brown!) couch, a sturdy table for pets to talk with friends at, and a pet door and pet chair!
(Lots of the word "pet" huh?)

Go up the cardboard stairs to the top of the tiny castle to find...

...The place where the party's music is sold, and a breath taking view.

Grass everywhere!

Look for the ladder near the pet wash. Climb up for a bird's eye view of the party from atop a flower!

And just in the short time I've spent there, I've already found a sort of glitch...

I thought nonmembers couldn't use the pet stop...

That's all for now,
see you at the party! :)

–Countess Rainyflower

1 comment:

  1. That's not a glitch you saw! If a member has a pet hamster, they make sure to decorate it before their membership runs out. THEN when their membership expires, they still have a cool nonmember pet to play with. (Well, that's how my sister did it when she had membership. Her hamster has bat wings as well.)


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