Saturday, December 21, 2013

Greely's Inferno – *Spoilers*

Hey animals! Sorry that I haven't been keeping the once-a-week posting schedule up like I promised, I found a couple of new games and my attention was sucked into them for a bit. 

Jamaa is getting ready for the new year with this Thursday update: Bursting with new items, dens, and of course, a brand new adventure!

Click any of the journal pages to get a closer look.

The daily gift today is 1 diamond. Buy your favorite item at the Diamond Shop, located in Jamaa Township!

Some brand new items are in the Jamaaliday Jam shop and Treetop Gardens, like Jamaaliday-themed phantom plushies and fox topiary! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they both turn out to be nonmember. :)


I spent 30 or so minutes this morning playing Greely's Inferno. It's definitely more difficult than the other adventures, with falling phantoms everywhere and clusters of phantoms attacking you. It's not as calm as the other adventures, I can say that for sure! But if you try hard and strategize, you'll win for sure.

The plot goes as follows: You climb up the volcano and enter, avoiding and blowing up phantoms, falling or on the ground. There is no grass, so the only way to get rid of a phantom chasing you is by using boom seeds to blow them up. You use corks to plug pipes pouring downward that are blocking your way to the alpha stones. After you've put all the stones into the hollows on the ground, the gate to the phantom king, which you will have to face. 

TIP: After the phantom king slams, he's out cold for a few seconds on the ground. While he's vulnerable, use three boom seeds on him. He'll wake up after the first one, but you have to keep trying. Also, try to blow up all of the phantoms with boom seeds before going for the king. You'll keep lives that way. And FYI, you have unlimited boom seeds scattered around his lair.

After you defeat the phantom king, it's not over yet. Greely appears once more, telling you that he has underestimated you and that he will hold off the eruption of the volcano enough for you to escape. He tells you not to worry about him. Then, you avoid the phantoms falling and attacking you going down the side of the volcano. You then reach a cave exit, and you are transported to the snowy area from when you started. The volcano erupts, but then it solidifies and shatters.

Cosmo and Liza are next to the end portal, but not Greely. Cosmo explains that it isn't sure whether Greely will come out or not. You're given a choice of 5 prizes. I chose the second one (Greely's Wardrobe) pictured above. 

Good luck,
and happy adventuring!


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  1. How did you play Greely's Inferno? I thought it was for members only.


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