Sunday, February 23, 2014

Den of the Month + Error

Hey animals! So, according to AJ user 113457 and a few eagles in the township, there aren't any special eagles-only sky rooms. Eagles can travel to the tops of huts and walls, but there aren't any special rooms. 

*Sad violin music*

However, there IS what looks like to be a future eagles-only adventure!

Thats clearly an eagle head. Or is it a dinosaur head? Or a turtle head? Or...? Nah. It's an eagle head carving.

AJStream news: at long last the den of the month winner has been chosen! 

I present to you 113457's den: an awesome mushroom den!

(Sorry, I know you requested your small house den to be featured, but you were offline when I took these and it's gotten too late in the month and your mushroom den is absolutely amazing. I had to feature this one. :)

The thing I like most about mushroom dens are how detailed and large they are. This one has an entrance framed by giraffe statues, a wide upstairs, a sunlit study, and a hammock by the lily pads. 
Congrats, 113457! :D

Also, an important and quick heads up:

  • Berry the Koala will most likely be a bit late this month.
  • The lucky parties have started up with new items. It feels a bit early, don't you think?
That's all for now,
see you in Jamaa!

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