Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Item – Heart Couch!

Hey animals! The friendship festival is almost in full swing, just by february 2nd!

The new item is, of course, in the friendship party shop.

A year or so ago, animals would have trouble sitting on this because of a glitch. Now it's fixed, I do believe.

Next up on the D.E., a few new posts that you may like:

(A maze, News Crew assignment, and a quick post on the friendship festival.)


  • Sorry to anyone on my buddy list who has noticed I haven't been online very recently. Things are a bit difficult right now, and I really want to be back as soon as I can. ^_^;
  • Entries for den of the month are starting today, and the due date is February 20th. Comment your AJ user name to enter in a draw to have your den featured on my blog.
  • A new Berry the Koala post will be added sometime this month. To be sure.
That's all for now,
Jam on!

–Countess Rainyflower

1 comment:

    I'm 113457, also known as Fortis Arbor. I'd like to enter my den in that drawing of yours, specifically my Small House. Thanks!


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