Thursday, February 20, 2014

Swoopy Eagle?

Hey animals!! Guess what!! The eagles are here!! SKY ROOMS!! SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE DOUBLE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!



Ok, so this biweekly update is nothing short of fun. Everyone's talking about the eagles, flocking (laugh at the stupid pun) to the diamond shop. Mostly nonmembers like me who are kinda disappointed we can't see the sky rooms. But who cares when AJ has released a new game in coral canyons: Swoopy Eagle!!

Some of you may have had some deja vu hearing the name "Swoopy Eagle", and that's for good reason. Swoopy Eagle is a more kid-friendly knockoff of the popular game Flappy Bird!

 Image description: bird about to fall, landing with the iconic score of zero.

Don't get me wrong when I said Swoopy Eagle was more kid-friendly. Flappy Bird is 100% kid appropriate, just insanely difficult. It was taken off the app store recently, so here's the online link:

Try to beat my high score of 14 :D

More is to come, log on to check out the rest today!

See you in Jamaa,

~Countess Rainyflower


  1. Actually, Quintanna, there aren't any sky rooms. The only separate land for Eagles is a tiny island with a broken portal on it to the bottom right side of the screen in the Adventure Base Camp. We can go more places, but the thing is: We're pretty limited ['We' means Eagles]. And since eagles aren't a 'Land Animal', they can't play in adventures. I suspect that's what the Eagle Island is for.
    -113457, Creature Spiritmoon the Eagle

  2. I've been playing Flappy Bird for a little over half an hour, and so far I've only managed to get a high score of 9. LOL. The game is so, so addicting, yet so, so difficult. This is the first time I've played it, since they've deleted it from the app store. Thanks for the link! ;)

    1. YES! YES! 15! WOOHOO! ;D


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