Friday, April 25, 2014


So I wanted to send a gift to one of my buddies who hasn't been online in a while, and I clicked the "Add a Gift" button.

Instead of my inventory coming up, THIS was in my face:

Ok, so first nonmembers weren't aloud to get gifts. Next, they can't even send them! What the heckie... >:(

Oh well. I don't have many good items to send so, maybe this is for the best? I admit in the beginning I thought it was unfair that members could send and receive gifts, while nonmems could only give to members. Still, it's yet another limitation. :\


  1. I believe this is ability is now stripped from Non members because the rather infamous hacker Fmann122 has been making various accounts using different emails and personal information. I think one of his accounts is Recycledrares because he always makes his animals look exactly the same- even the name. He would hack by sending gifts that were loaded with glitches. This made people's accounts glitch up, like items disappearing from their inventory. I think he makes multiple accounts so the blame of these hacks cannot be blamed on one specific Jammer. It would be a waste to buy membership, so this restriction forced him to quit hacking other useres. That is, if he doesn't hack the AJ Software first. I'll stop taking up your blog space and stop right here.... XD

  2. OMG OMG im so mad right now! I cant send the non member sword I promised my friend! I have to trade it now DX

  3. Wow! That is sad! They should give non members this! Come on Animal Jam!!!

  4. My account was hacked the 7th of semptember by fman122


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