Saturday, April 26, 2014

DoomyPanda... RETURNED!

...Well, not really. ^_^ Technically, I was always posting. From the start I was the only one there o.o just switchin usernames around a lot.

What the misleading title really means is that I now play animal jam using the name DoomyPanda! Yaaaaaay! *confetti*

This notice is just so ya know that I still play AJ under the name DoomyPanda (*cough*sendmebuddyrequests*cough*) to stop a lot of the confusion. One part of the confusion that comes into play is people not knowing or being unsure of who the heckie actually makes these posts due to my account switches and whatnot.

But most of all, the most annoying confusion is when I try to tell people who were my friends on DoomyPanda that I switched accounts, where me being unable to type Jam A Grams only adds to the frustration. :\

All in all, I decided to continue using DoomyPanda when being online so I'm not so bored and alone all of the time.

And also, this has any will always be a blog run by only me, unless I change my mind, but chances are I won't.

That is all. ^_^
See you in Jamaa!

– Countess


  1. I still look at your posts (even though I don't play aj) it's just I don't comment


Heyyo! I love it when you guys comment. I'm always checking for more, so even if you comment on an older post I'll definitely see it and try to respond. :)

Before you comment, of course, here are some basic things to remember:

-Don't be mean on purpose.
-Keep the comments appropriate for all ages. This is an Animal Jam blog.

Pretty easy rules. Nothing to stress about. As long as you follow them, you can say whatever you want!

Thanks for reading! C(o.o)D

P.S. That's a bear emoticon up there. ^

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