Thursday, April 24, 2014

Item Problems/Glitches + Nonmem Clothing Idea

Hey animals! The new item today is sold in Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove. Did you know "kani" in Swahili (probably wrong, at least according to Google Translate) means "force"?

With the introduction of the Sunken Ship to nonmembers, a lot of random under-the-sea den items have turned nonmember, which is great and all...
...but for how long?

You know when the Graham Matryoshka came out, it was nonmember unlike the other dolls, but soon after it was forced back into nonmembers' inventories as a member item. Also, not giving any hints to AJHQ, but I believe currently the once rare raincloud (sold in the diamond shop) is nonmember now. It will probably change back *sad violin music* but enjoy it while it lasts, nonmems!

In other news, on the Daily Explorer, while it may not be the most recent, a short but interesting article pertaining to the RIM pirate beard was published this week. It talks about a few of the most notable, yet often ignored female pirates.

To all those who think that "pirates are for boys"...


Now for what was promised in the header: a clothing idea for nonmembers!

As you can see, this was worn on one of my horse friends. However, this can be worn on any animal, nonmember AND member.
This is "the creature from the brine," this horse could be masquerading as a mermaid, a selkie, or any bizarre underwater creature you like! Did you know 90% of the ocean is unexplored? Well, now you do. 
You know how I don't care as much for items as for color schemes? This is very color palette based, with only two easily acquirable nonmember items that can both be purchased in Jam Mart Clothing very cheaply. Cheap as in a couple hundred gems. 

As with all of the nonmember clothing ideas I post, this one is completely for you! Just for you, with no need to credit me. You can also use this for inspiration and create a similar animal with a different color scheme. ^^

Well, that's all for now! See you in Jamaa. :)

Oh, and by the way, I'm putting up a new poll later today. Thanx for reading!

– Countess

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