Monday, April 14, 2014

RIM – Pretty Lavender Collar!

Hey animals! How are you doing? ^_^

New Items

Today is monday, the start of a new week (Duh), which brings Jamaa a rare item, only in stores for one day!
This week's RIM is a leaf collar (or necklace) in a typical RIM shade of dark lavender. It's available in Jam Mart Clothing. :)

It'll be gone fast, so snap it up as fast as you can!

Daily Explorer

GIF credit to AJHQ, of course. RIM posts on the D.E. are now coming with facts about nature. For today's RIM, we learn about plants:

"Plants and trees require two things in order to bud in the spring. A fixed number of ‘cold days’ and a specific temperature.
Days and temperatures vary between species but the count is exact. How they actually know is one of sciences great mysteries.
Notice that I don’t say time.
For example if an oak tree needs 45 cold days, and a temperature of 50 degrees it won’t bloom until it gets all 45 cold days, regardless of temperature. If we have an especially cold December and unusually warm January, the tree may have all of it’s cold days and will bloom early if we hit a warm enough temperature. If it’s a mild winter with not a lot of cold days the tree may not get all of its cold days until April."
The Daily Explorer

Weather and temperature also affect maple tree's ability to produce sap, which is later turned into syrup for human consumption. Maple trees need a specific combination of heat and cold.

This has been a very short post, and I apologize for that. There will be longer posts in the near future!

– Countess

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