Friday, May 2, 2014


Hey animals! This update was anticipated to be HUGE, because of the HUGE delay, but really it was just the same sort of things that are common for each update. Dens, kind of useless new feature, a party...

But then there's this new animal.

Ok, so I solved the puzzle and still have no freaking idea what this thing is. Is that hump on it's back wings? It looks like it has a beak, but... what is going on with it's head?
To be completely 100% honest, I think AJHQ ran out of ideas and is now bringing mythological creatures into Jamaa. 


Update: I did the puzzle incorrectly. XD

Okaaay, in other news, a new doorbell feature has been added to dens. 

It makes a little wind chime noise whenever someone goes to your den. It could be helpful in some circumstances. ^^

Eagle-Only Adventures are coming soon:

I wonder if they'll involve an eagle shaman. 

Summer is coming soon, so hang in there! The heatwave party as well as the water slide den are back and ready for the heat. :)

So apparently, the Daily Explorer has been "renovated."
You'll see why I put those quotations there in a second.

This visual is sooo cute. ^^ It makes AJ look like a cute little family.
Speaking of which, did you know "Jamaa" means family? Now you do.

This image directly above is the new D.E., and it's pretty obvious they're having some trouble with the layout.
Maybe that's what caused the late update? Who knows!

What are your thoughts on why they made a new D.E.?

Some AJ Stream news: Buddy of the Month will start up again this month, and stay tuned for another Berry The Koala entry!

See you in Jamaa!


  1. Actually, since the background is Appondale and the creature looks like a Warthog, it could be possible that it's, yeah, a warthog. Once the puzzle is solved, the background lights up, but animal is still black inside. We just have to wait and see what it is, I guess.

  2. It is a Hyena, +Anonymous.
    Just so you guys know, im 8xxbetaxx8.
    ~Janice! (AKA) 8xxbetaxx8 (LOL)


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