Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pilbox Hat + New Berry The Koala Entry

Hey animals! There's only about one more month left of school for me, huh? It's been a great year of procrastinating with assignments and blogging about a kids game instead. X)

The new item has been "previewed" as a Forgotten Desert prize, it's members only, veiled, and most of us don't know what the heckie it is:

The Pillbox Hat!

I decided to look it on on Wikipedia because I was very confused why this would be a new item in Jamaa, because it has nothing to do with anything.
"A pillbox hat is a small woman's hat with a flat crown, straight, upright sides, and no brim. The pillbox hat was popular with the Flemish in the Middle Ages."
– Wikipedia article on the "pillbox hat"

I was right. It has nothing to do with anything. 

Notice: Sorry for the short post, but you can expect a new Berry the Koala entry later. Berry the Koala is a plushie journal blog about the adventures of a berry-blue koala in Jamaa. Berry The Koala updates his journal monthly. :)

That's all for now, Jammers,
see y'all in Jamaa!


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