Thursday, May 8, 2014

Return of a Friend

Hey jammers! Today I'm excited to announce the returning of a good friend to AJ, but lets save the best for last, alright? ;D

New Items

Now part of Kani Cove's assortment of mysterious Sunken Treasures, the Greely statue arrives adrift in the waves, only this time...
He's smiling?

Maybe he tossed his statue into the ocean because he thought it looked too dopey. xD

But we'll never know for sure, will we?

Daily Explorer

I found this image recently posted on another blog, and I screenshotted it because the same post looks kind of glitchy on my browser. -_-"
But these DE images just keep getting cuter and cuter! There's a little scrapbook in the background and it's even signed by Liza! :D
Maybe AJ isn't taking a turn for the worse.

Clothing/Den Customization

This is a snapshot of my brother's eagle. It's an amazing color scheme that will make you stand out from everyone else!

The items go as follow:

1. Golden sword
2. Golden glove
3. Golden unicorn horn

Every other day, clothing and den customizations are nonmem. That means tomorrow I'll post a clothing/den idea for everyone!

Big News!

One of my best friends who you knew as Furryfruit73 or Zuchinnii has come back to blogger as well as Animal Jam! Her username is now Depict, but there have been some really annoying glitches so you can't find her by search. :| 

Her blog is, so go check her out!
She's a special friend to me, so I will promote her blog on mine until people look at it again. :)

Until next time!

– DoomyPanda

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