Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunken Peck + NM Den Trick

Hey animals! Have you acquired any rare items lately?

The new item today is underwater, part of the sunken alpha statue series!

Even in a statue, she has her hands on her hips and her tongue out. xD

Fun fact regarding sunken items: The coral reef was originally a sunken ship that over decades, became a reef home to millions of amazing animals.
But don't go tossing things into the ocean! It takes a specific environment and point of time for a reef to develop for the first time. Plus, throwing toy ships and whatnot into the ocean will more likely hurt animals than build a home for them. 

Now for the nonmem den trick promised. :)


These geckos will protect your den from scammers and mean ppl. They'll take one look at the geckos and become too afraid to even go inside!

Comment Question: How did the alpha statues sink? Was it the phantoms that pushed them into Kani Cove?
...Or maybe for an entirely different reason.

Jam on!

– Doomy

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