Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Summer Air Whirls By – Where are You?

Hey animals! I hope you still read this blog because this update is nothing short of amazing! Hyenas are coming, eagles can take to the skies in a unique adventure just for them,

and the boarded up window in the Temple of Zios is finally being used for something incredible.

Lets get straight to the new Jamaa Journal! This isn't a regular four-paged paper, this one is packed with news!

Jamaa Journal

I wish I was an eagle. This adventure looks wonderful!

Hyenas are verified for arrival in an adorable video, and hummingbirds are buzzing back to the diamond shop. It seems a bit unfair to the animals who spent money on a hummingbird certificate. :\

This looks soooo cool! Will you buy one? I know I will!

The super hot carnival is making it's third appearance in Jamaa, marking the ever-awaited arrival of summer! 

And this ends the Jamaa Journal. Remember to check out the new Daily Explorer instead of the old one! ;)

Update Summary

The summer air is whirling by already, storming up and into Jamaa. Hyenas are making their anticipated arrival in our land, and eagles can fly through a forgotten desert.

But where are you? My blog has been getting an extreme drop in views and I have no idea why! Do you?

It has been almost two full years that I've posted daily here, and it's been two years that I won't forget.

I don't want to quit this blog at all, but it feels like I have because almost no one looks at it anymore. Just one day I was getting a hundred views per day and now it's dropped to 20. 

This feels a bit like whining, actually, because when I first started this blog, that was the amount of views I was getting per day and I took pride in them. 

But really, I need your help. Should I post earlier? Am I doing something wrong? I need your honest opinion in the comments of this post.

Thanks for reading,
see you in Jamaa!

– Doomy


  1. OMG I STILL READ UR BOG! and sorry I deleted you :( I don't know you, you see so my dad tod me to delete you :'(

  2. I always look at your blog! please don't leave!!! I have always read your blog and nothing is going wrong!

  3. Doomy I feel as upset as you are after reading this article. Your not doing anything wrong! I love reading your articles! And after I read that I was the announced at buddy of the month for May, I've been reading your blog more and more often! Without your blog, I wouldn't even be saying these things! But if your really devastated about your view diminishing, I would understand. Even if you stop writing your blog, you will always remain in our hearts ( and our buddy lists :D )

    1. Thank you for you kind words! I never really said I was going to leave and I will still stay here blogging for a looong time! ^0^ I'm just kind of weirded out about the long drop in views, is all.

    2. Whoops! Maybe I didn't read that part! My bad. =3

  4. I personally love everything about your blog! I read it almost every day, although I usually don't have time to comment. (I try, though!) ;) Keep posting! Reading your blog every day is FUN for me, and your posts are always so informative and enthusiastic.


    also, can u buddy me? im qwertycat1211 on aj.

  6. Don't worry, Doomy! I'll always be visiting this blog :3


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