Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekly Stream Contest 5/26/14!

Hey animals! It's Monday, the start of what hopefully will be a fabulous new week! To start the week off with fun, every Monday there is a super special Rare Item hidden somewhere in the shops of Jamaa for only one day! 

Once you find it, snap it up quickly 'cause you don't know if it will become high in demand and good for trading!

Rare Item Mondays are a good "paperclip" to start new Jammers off well trading-wise. Have you heard the story about the person who traded a paperclip for something small but bigger than the paperclip, and eventually after a lot more "trading up", the person got a house! At least I think that's how the story goes...

Rare Item Monday – Rare Moustache

As you can see, I'm still stuck on the Portuguese server. ^-^ It's really fun, mostly because it's so empty! You should join me sometime :D Just send me a Jam a Gram or leave a comment and I'll be happy to make time to hang out with you. :3

Daily Explorer Posts

TIP: If you live in an area where hummingbirds frequent, put out a shallow plate of sugary water in a safe place in your yard or porch or wherever you can. Birds spend more time watching out for predators than eating!

You can also do that to attract butterflies. 

If you ever come across a hummingbird that isn't flying, drip some sugary water into it's beak and if it isn't serious, they should just zip away. :)

If it is serious, get help from a trusted adult.

Animal Jam Screenshot – Portuguese Servers!

This is me and my brother. As you can see, I'm Rainha coalao, but his animal name is in english. We can still interact, but I can only speak to him in Portuguese while he can speak in English.

Weekly Stream Contests – Solve this Riddle!

I struggles through vines, water, and leeches
this place is not calm like the beaches,
as the door opens my excitement does grow,
for all of the things that soon I'll know,
I climb the ladder to reach my goal,
and open my mind to open my soul.
Where am I?

From this riddle, find the location it's talking about! Comment your answer below, along with your AJ username and which one of the prizes you would like:

If you win, you have your choices of...

1. A minor rare (rare frankenstein masks, popular rare item mondays, etc.)

2. A hand drawn watercolored drawing of your main AJ animal. (specify which is your main animal)

3. Have your blog featured in a stand alone post on AJ Stream.

But once you have the answer, you've got to hurry! The first person who comments with the correct answer wins! 

Good luck and have a wonderful week!



  1. Is it the lost temple of zios?
    I would like a picture of my main animal (Mighty GrandMaster)

  2. It's in the Lost Temple of Zios! There are a lot of vines scattered throughout the area. The poem also talks of the Chamber of Knowledge and climbing the small Ladder to reach some books.


  3. can you hang out with me some time i am gonna try Portuguese!


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