Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Animal Jam!

Hey jammers! I'm baaaaack! Why do we call people who play animal jam "jammers," anyway? The game has nothing to do with jam!

Jam is actually a kind of old term for "party" or something like that. Animal Jam is basically an animal party! An animal jam! :)

Now onto the new item, a freedom fox hat!

Freedom Fox Hat

Location: The Freedom Party

Price reasonability: 2/5

Availability status: Everyone

Likelihood to rise in demand: 6/10

I've decided to do what I just did above with all new items. I think it will give a more in depth look at them that could be helpful after they discontinue during trading. Speaking of trading, the Glitches page and the Rarity page have been updated! Go check 'em out! :D

New on the Daily Explorer, an AJ Academy post from Graham, the monkey alpha.

Go to AJ Academy to learn more about finger soccer, a fun and tiny tabletop game!

That's all for now, Animal Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

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