Friday, June 13, 2014

Bubble Trouble Walkthrough!


Hey animals! I've just finished playing Bubble Trouble, and let me tell you it was pretty anticlimactic. But you know what? It was fun all the same. It (ever so slightly) made awareness of pollution, and at the end it's discovered there's an entire factory of phantoms in the depths of the ocean! 
That's sure to bring about a great new adventure next time!

Since I'm a nonmember and my two land animals are pretty special, my brother let me use his account to play this adventure. In exchange, he keeps the gems and the prize. I can live with that. ^_^

The main creatures in this adventures were dolphins, who were out for a swim when all of a sudden, phantoms began polluting their home. Lots of dolphins... maybe there was a type of underwater dolphin community?

Fun fact: Octopuses exhibit very human-like traits. They are observed having homes and "yards," which they love to decorate with empty (or if they don't look hard enough, occupied) seashells, pretty stones, and sometimes pretty starfish. Cute, right? ^_^

Liza greets you perched atop a rock (doesn't wanna get her fur wet :P) and the first thing you should do is probably go around the top to listen to the local dolphins before starting on your real adventure.

And here you discover a floating rock that can't fit into one big picture. Reminds me of the floating treetop art error once the giraffes came out. Back when new animals were few and far between...

The dolphins will tell you about the pollution valves and how to close them. Why can't they close them themselves if all you need to do is swirl around the valve? Maybe they got hurt and the doctor told them not to move around that much. Better respect their decisions.

Talking to one dolphin a little deeper with long eyelashes will kick off your adventure. It's simple: find the valve, pick it up, find the pollution device, attach it, and seal it off!

...Watch out for phantoms, though. As long as you're able to locate a nearby aquatic chomped plant, you'll be fine! They look like clams on sticks that can hang upside-down. 

You'll also know a treasure chest when you see one. They look like big fat oysters with latches on them and hold from 100 to 200 gems depending on how far along you are. There's also a secret area for dolphins only with a treasure chest! This round I got a pair of unrare goggles. Don't be too sad, nonmembers!

If you go a little deeper, there will be two underwater passages. Don't worry about which one to take, they both go to the same place. Here is where you will find the three dolphins trapped. Find the keys, the valves, and seal off the devices!

This dolphin's name is Klaus. Because of his name and his strange fashion sense I thought he was a jerk. I'm judgmental of things like that. I was going to leave him last until...

Okay! Sorry, Klaus!

*Shrugs* I guess he's nice. He did tell me to be careful. Sorry!

 Tip: Go where there are phantoms. They'll lead you to the keys.

After you free all of your new dolphin friends, they'll help you through the phantom escape hatch through a brief ghost tour of the phantom factory. Don't touch the phantom coral!

At the end, you meet up with Liza. As a prize, she gives you one of the objects involved in the adventure, like phantom coral.

Go through the green portal to make it back to the underwater base camp, greeted by the adventurous music and busy and excited seals.

Happy adventuring! :)

~ DoomyPanda



  2. doomy panda?? XD


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  4. Hey! I got non rare goggle too! Mine were red.

  5. Thank You So Much! Not only did you tell me where they were
    ( well, i kinda had to found them by myself.. ^-^ ) you also
    entertained me! -=#:-)/ - ( Wizard ) lol, thx. Also, Love your page!

  6. Also, Plz add me! - Sadisticmuffin - >^,,^< Buddy of the month ^-^.....

  7. that is creepy.. nice klaus.. that will haunt me in my dreams (more like nightmares) and I found something.. the dolphins are not wearing clothes O.o


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