Monday, June 9, 2014

Drawing Contest!

Hey jammers! I'm baaaack and feeling a lot better!
Not too psyched that it's monday, though. -_-

Oh well, it's better than lying around in bed all day. 

I almost forgot, It's rare item monday today! Today might not be so bad after all. 

For the newbies: Every monday, a rare item is created and hidden in one of the shops of Jamaa. Your job is to buy it (unless you don't wanna) before the day is over!

The rare item of this week is super cool, chill – 

Here I am using dumb puns like AJHQ. Oh well.

I present to you,


"ugghhh!!! they're rereleasing betas now i can't trade them anymo—"

Shhh. You must calm down, my son. 

Whats great about this RIM is that if you look closely, you'll see it isn't actually from beta. It's colored! This is good for everyone because the "rare people" are happy still being able to trade their worns and newer jammers can get the item they've always wanted! :)

It's a win for everyone!

If you don't know how to implement this item into your animal's outfit so it fits, here is my panda in a thrown-together (but matching) outfit including the worn:

It includes just a blue necklace and the icy worn. I'm kind of low on cool items right now.

And now for what you've all been waiting for...

The drawing contest!

The contest goes as follows:

Draw your favorite animal and send the picture to

(3 S's, just so you know)

for the chance for it to be featured on AJ Stream and a prize of your choice:

1. Your blog featured

2. A hand drawing of your main AJ animal

How to do that:

Method 1: Draw your favorite animal on paper, take a picture of your drawing, and email it to

Method 2: (For best results) Draw your fav animal on paper, scan it in, and email it to the address above.

Method 3: Draw the animal using photoshop or MS paint or any drawing program and send it. 

Due date: June 23rd, 2014 

You need:

1. An email account

2. Parental permission

3: A drawing

4. You need to include your username in the email. 

I promise I won't give out your email or personal information anywhere, anytime, for any reason. 

Thanks for reading,
time to get those pens out!

~ Doomy


  1. Umm, I still need dat one prize from the contest that took place a few weeks ago, the one with the poem. I'd like a hand-drawn me, please, of my koala :D

  2. I used to have a Yahoo Account but since I didn't use it much, it expired :(
    I hope I'll be able to make a Google Account soon before the contest ends. Wish me luck!


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