Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eight-Legged Piano

Hey jammers! School is FINALLY over for me, while all y'all were already released weeks ago. It's sad to think that instead of three months, summer vacation is only two. -_-

But at least we (on the Northern Hemisphere of Earth) have some summer vacation, huh?

The new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

I'm guessing that this is an interactive item that you can sort of play!

A new Brady Barr video has been uploaded, and this time it's all about... spiders. >:) 

If Brady Barr didn't make interesting animal videos, truth be told we would all think he's just some creepy old dude. Yep.

Fun Fact: Daddy Long-legs are not actually spiders, or arachnids for that matter!

Next up, a Nonmember Clothing Idea!

With the introduction of some new colors, one of them that made it's debut into the palette was a very yummy banana color!
Since I don't have many cool clothing items, this just consists of the banana color, light brown eyes, and a creamy colored moon necklace, which coincidently is leaving Jam Mart Clothing today! 

That's all for now,
let's wish for a jamtastic summer!

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