Monday, June 16, 2014

Rumors and Fedoras

Hey jammers! Recently there has been rumor circulating around that otters will be the next new animal. Many jammers have ben experiencing a glitch where a new animal slot will say "otter."

To be honest, I'm pretty sure AJHQ lets these glitches slip by to make us excited. But really, because of the frequency, no one is really excited about new animals anymore. There is a new animal almost every month! It's making AJ dull and predictable...

On another note, the RIM of this week is a Rare Fedora, the mark of a jerk.

Pro tip: Anyone who wears a fedora is probably a jerk. Avoid them at all costs.

Next up, Jamaa Street fashion!

Also, a note to 113457: I'm going to post your contest prize up soon. The scanner is broken so I'll have to wait a day or two.

Thats all for now,
see you in Jamaa!


  1. Im so GLAD that i finally found someone who feels the same way about new animals!! AJHQ is making so many, its just unexciting and dull now!

  2. Plus it's been over 1, maybe even 2, years since Nonmembers got a new animal. AJHQ is only paying attention to member only updates, like the Nonmembers aren't even worth their attention. Who's willing to bet that even if Otters DO come out, they'll be members only. And even worse, they might even be a Diamond shop animal, possibly for Nonmembers. Like they actually get diamonds hardly at all. That diamond shop has sucked out everything I like about AJ, and now it's only been downhill.
    Oh, and by the way, I can't wait to see your pic of my koala :3


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