Friday, June 6, 2014

Smiling Bear – Koala Conservation

Hey jammers! It's been some time, hasn't it? A whole week of not posting.
Luckily, those school projects are as good as done and now I can post again! 

However, I've caught a really bad cold so just for now, this post will be short. Hang in there!

Today instead of a regular news post, I've decided to write up an entry about a cute koala character, Smiling Bear. 

Looks kind of Hello Kitty-ish, doesn't it? Well you'll be surprised to know that instead of money earned going to a big company, every little bit of Smiling Bear merchandise bought funds koala conservation!

For more information, cute drawings, and overall positivity, go to

Thanks for reading,

~ Doomy


  1. It's nice that someone out there is helping animals instead of people ^-^

    1. What's great is that they're helping both! If you've been to the website, you'd see that the slogan is "Smile More!" Smiling can actually make you feel happier, so Smiling Bear lifts people out of sadness and at the same time helps animals!


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