Monday, August 18, 2014

A Special Shoutout

Gah, yet another post in one day. When will they end?

But this one is important. Do you all remember LoveLost? Does "Animal Jam Flash" ring a bell? I hope it does, because she's back!

She's changed her username, but she's back! B-A-C-K back!

I don't normally do shoutouts. But AJ Flash was like my introduction to AJ, and it's only thanks to LoveLost/Meloetta385 that I'm still blogging today! 

Thats because on my second day of blogging after annoying her to "check out my blog :))" over a hundred times she gave me a shout out which got me over 200 views in a day! I still remember me being so happy. :D

She's struggling right now with views and comments, so chick here to see her blog!



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