Friday, August 15, 2014

AJ Jolt and Comments!

Hey animals! Welcome to a new and exciting daily edition on Animal Jam Stream, minus the exciting! 

Every day there are new things to discover, and on Thursdays every other week they build up into a massive tidal wave capable of destroying a small town! Cool, huh?? Well it's only cool if you have some scuba gear with a lot of oxygen stored inside, because you're going to need i– hey look, the wave has come early! AAAAAAAAAAHGHHHHH!!

Ok, onto business. *gets out sunglasses* The new item of today is sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

Hey, it's the ladybug from Jamaa Township! 
I wonder how it looks on a panda.

Next up, instead of answering your comments directly, I'm going to answer them here, right in this post. Going back to a post to see if your comment was answered can be forgotten, and one of those questions is a popular one.

 Ok, here we go!

"The search is over! But you can't use it unless you have 150$ to spare. Dang, I was looking forward to using that wonderful font. How about the other font that AJ uses? Do you know what it's called? The kind of blocky but very cool looking font? Know what I mean?– wolfpaws4330

Yes, I do know! In fact I use it a lot in photoshop for blog graphics, like my header. It's called Tiki Island and if you look closely, you'll see that it's the same exact font they use for that creepy show Spongebob Squarepants!

Unlike the other, more expensive font, this one is a luckily quick and free download. For information on how to download and use Tiki Island, click here, and once you think you know the ropes, click here to go to the download page!

One font used on AJ (the chat font) is CC Digital Delivery, and the other chunky font is Tiki IslandNext comment!

"Wow.. that sure is a hecka lotta money. I don't really pay attention to buying more fonts (it's my mom that does that. it depends on her job). AND I have a question. Doomypanda, is it okay if I buddy you? Jam on!" – jhana

Of course it is! It always is, just after I clear my list out a bit. Next comment!

"Doomy, could you please get on? I really want to play with you. I'm qwertycat1211. Send me a jamagram just to know when you're on. Thanks!" 
– qwertycat1211

Ah, sorry, I can't be online much today– but its okay! I'm guessing your urgency is because I said I would remove everyone from my buddy list who I never talk to, but "talking" included Jam a Grams and commenting, too. I meant removing those who I literally have no idea about how they got there, which make up the majority of my list.

Besides, after I clear up my list I will resume accepting every request.

Thanks for commenting, everyone! :)

From the vague title, I'm sure you're wondering what "AJ Jolt" is, and I'm sure you've guessed by now that it's an Animal Jam blog. But what makes it so special that it deserves a feature on a single post?

Because it's my IRL best friend's blog!

You know her as Furryfruit73, depict, the one who deleted her other blog about a day after me announcing her return, Zuchinnii, and a whole slew of other weird usernames. She has over 15 accounts!

She asked me to feature it, so I'll do more than that. Hey, you got a whole section of a post dedicated to you!

She opened up a new blog called Animal Jam Jolt, which she updates frequently enough. Let's hope she sticks with this!

Click here to see it!

This post just won't end, will it? 
Don't worry, it's just a Jamaa Street Fashion snap!

Her animal's outfit matches her name!

This is an all-blue color scheme with only two items; Rare Star Glasses, and Freedom Leg Armor.

And finally, this big dumb post is over! It's been fun, hasn't it? Well it certainly took me an hour to type up.

Jam on, animals!


  1. Thanks! Tikiisland, huh? Hmm.

    Just a compliment: I really like your blog!


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