Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jamaa Street Fashion – Lilac Ninja!

Hello jammers, and welcome to Jamaa Street Fashion! Jamaa street fashion is a category of posts solely dedicated to posting screenshots of other players'  pretty designed animals. It's for you to get ideas!

Jamaa Street fashion is posted every tuesday from this point onward!

This week, a ninja wolf in Sarepia.

Its a creative use of both old and new items, both rare and common. All of them are purple, as well as the wolf! Although I don't really know how you'd blend in like a ninja in these if it stands out so much.

Wow, I'm sounding like a bad magazine writer. I feel so professional. B)

What you need to copy this:

1. Purple tinted nonmember sword

2. Purple tinted spiked knee pads

3. Purple bandana

Thats it! Only three items, and aside from the sword it's pretty easy to get!



  1. I have a small question..... I'm pretty sure 113457 reads this Blog...... And I'm curious if you know them better than I do, and could you ask them why their user is 113457 and not 11357? If that even is their user..... O.O Random question, yes, but I'm wondering something, it might have something to do with something I did a while ago.

  2. I like the Lilac Ninja idea, pretty sweet!

  3. Ahhh, why haven't you posted? :(


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