Friday, August 29, 2014

Rose Red Rabbit – A NM Clothing Idea!

Hey jammers! Second post of the day. My friend Balaur gave me a Nonmember Clothing idea today that was so adorable I just had to post it. This one is modeled by a rabbit, but who knows, it may look equally adorable on another animal!

This clothing idea is based off of a palette of red, white, and black. The items included in this are...

1. Head – Freedom Fox hat
2. Neck – Red (default) bandana
3. Back – Red Clover blanket

I hope you enjoy this clothing idea that Balaur generously decided to let me share with you!



  1. Cuuuuute!
    ~wolfpaws4330 who can't log into Blogger at the moment because she forgot her Blogger account password -.-

  2. Thank you for sharing this idea c:

  3. That's awesome! You can do it with other colors, such a blue and white....

  4. Cute! Thanks for the idea, Balaur!


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