Friday, August 8, 2014

Update and Reviews

Hey jammers! My apologies for the inconsistency in posting lately, it has been a pretty eventful week. I really wish I could promise you it won't happen again, but for now until the last weeks of August it's pretty busy.

I got my first rare worn a few days ago :P

I really should be more diligent about this blog. You all make me so happy for reading and commenting on my posts! I logged onto blogger and saw that "ten comments were needing moderation" and I felt both guilty and happy. I should at least do you the liberty of posting predictably!

So now onto the actual update, huh? 

The reviews of the new insiders guide have been given their very own page in the Jamaa Journal! I'm going to get it today, I believe. I hope it will be worth the money!

What's hilarious about the reviews is that they're all moderately-written and have the possibility of being written by moderators except the last one which is just "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" 

All in all, I'm really excited to read it.

And the rest of the update goes as follows: Otters are coming, den previews are a new and helpful feature, and a new underwater adventure called Turn the Tide is out for all (members) to play!

Not a very eventful update, but lets all be thankful that because of it's success, AJ can update more often than some other games!


It's been a great summer in Jamaa, and there have been lots of new things, new friends, and new sunshine! I haven't been that interested in the (Jamaa) summer carnival, and this marks the first time that I've been. Of course, unlike last year I go alone, because all of my buddies are offline a lot more, but regardless I love all seasonal AJ events.

Thank Mira that at least for me there are some more lazy days of summer left, but every day is starting to feel more fun. I forgot what a fun community AJ is! I think Jamaa's community separates this game from the rest, because there are so many different personalities that emerge once you get to know a lot of players. 

At first what drew me to this game was it's overall... ideality for me. I loved animals, it had animals. I loved choice, it had many animal identities you could be, and limitless design choice. I loved freedom in what I say while online chatting, and giving myself free chat was easy.

I never understood why people complained about nonmembers not having much choice, because compared to all the other games I tried out this one was the absolute BEST! It was certainly better than many others.


Wow, I must be sick! I'm coughing so much it's translating to what I'm typing right now.

What drew me into AJ was it's perfection, and what kept me there was it's community. What kept you logged on? What kept you here through years of change and updates? Answer in the comments!

And now for some blog news:

1. A 60,000 views celebration is going to be in the near future. Thanks for voting!

2. Berry the Koala will be updated soon this month. Just a reminder that it's still happening, just not yet!

3. A Buddy of the Month has been chosen and will be posted a little later today, and if not then, monday.

4. And now the most important. I will be going away this weekend and will not be able to post until monday

Have a bright and sunny weekend,



  1. Hmmm... I guess what kept me online on Animal Jam all these years was the unpredictability of all those updates in Jamaa. Some were totally awesome, and others were kinda bad, and I hoped that the terrible (in my opinion) updates could be reversed. And some have been.I also really enjoy the mythical lore surrounding Jamaa, it's fun to participate in it's wonders. How the land was created, how a great Phantom war nearly tore apart Jamaa... it's is very creative. Sometimes, just to be weird, I go up to the Mira statue and pretend she's listening to me.
    Okay, I feel this comment is too long, so there you have it. Jam On!

  2. Friends, and reading your amazing blog!


  4. Jamaa is a magical place.
    Once, I went to Mira. I said, "Why is today a really glitchy day?"
    I went to Sarepia Forest. A glitch was waiting for me. Oh my, she knows.


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