Friday, September 12, 2014

Autumn-themed Nonmember Clothing Ideas!

Hey jammers! It's been a while since I've done a post wholly dedicated to themed Nonmember Clothing ideas, huh? Well lucky for you, I've put together a whole Autumn-themed collection (haha) of clothing ideas for you to steal!

Autumn. What an annoying word. It's a pretty name, yes, but "Fall" is much more phonetically pleasing as a word. "Autumn" sounds so dry, but Fall is much better, in my opinion. 

All of these clothing ideas are very simple and very rarely have a rare item involved. I keep things simple with this, so they're doubly accessible but pretty, (at least in my opinion) too.

Steal away!

–I forgot to mention; I give each one a really stupid name.

"Midnight Warrior"

"Cool Daylight"

"Sugar Pumpkin"




Which one was your favorite? Comment and go outside to enjoy the cool weather.* ^_^


*Sorry if you live in the Southern Hemisphere


  1. I like Midnight Warrior. And the second one. THEY'RE ALL SO COOL!!!

  2. i like cool daylight and the names are not stupid just creative

  3. I like Actual Pumpkin. When I first read, I was like, haha!

    Autumn looks better than Fall, but Falls sounds better than Autumn.


  4. COOL weather? It's SO hot where I am. My mom said today is a heatwave! -.-


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